Quarantine Essentials Gift Basket #1

Hewn Spirits Reclamation Single Malt Whiskey

Quarantine Gift Basket

Secondary aged using 300 year old Reclaimed Ancient Oak
This Gift Basket Includes:


  • 375 ml Hewn Spirits Limited Release Reclamation American Single Malt Whiskey.
  • 6 oz hand crafted Hewn Spirits CDC/WHO Hand Sanitizer.
  • Leather & Stainless Hewn Spirits Flask….for the whiskey!
  • Hewn Spirits Reclamation Glencairn tasting glass.
  • Two Flatbed Cigar Co. Hand Rolled Cigars and Cutter.
  • Four Pack of Pierre’s Chocolates Hewn Spirits Single Malt Truffles.
  • Hewn Spirits Stickers…for your or your neighbor’s car and or cats.
  • A WholeLottaLove.

Local Pick up or delivery only…within 15 miles of the distillery.


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