Quarantine Essentials Gift Basket #2

Quarantine Gift Basket #2

Hewn Spirits Shipmate Gold Rum

This Gift Basket Includes:

  • 750 ml Hewn Spirits Shipmate Gold Rum
  • 6 oz hand crafted Hewn Spirits CDC/WHO Hand Sanitizer
  • Black Anodized Hewn Spirits Engraved Flask…..put whatever you want in it!!
  • Two Hewn Spirits Rocks Glasses….“Rocks” refers to ice…but again, do what you will.
  • A Hewn Spirits Branded Shot Glass for those in a hurry.
  • Four Pack of Pierre’s Chocolates Amazing Chocolates….Fat Free….Not!!
  • Hewn Spirits Stickers…cause they have our name on them.

Local Pick up or delivery only…within 15 miles of the distillery.



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